Commercial Investigators Munich & Bavaria, Germany

Every year business companies all over the world suffer pecuniary losses of billions of dollars due to criminal behaviour of employees, affiliates, competitors and others.


Single employees commit theft, oftentimes even acts of sabotage. Incorrect expense accounts, secret work for competitors while being written off sick etc. Competitors steal patents and know-how through industrial spying. Companies are being blackmailed, threatened and compelled. The need and potential of economic investigations are constantly rising. 

The commercial investigations of the Kurtz Detective Agency Munich, Germany include:


  • Detection of cases of theft, sabotage, unauthorized circulation of proprietary data etc.
  • Applicant-Checks
  • Observations of employees in suspected cases of "chucking a sickie"
  • Proof of illegal activities of competitors
  • Exposure of initiators of defamation and smear campaigns
  • General criminalistic investigations
  • Preservation of evidence (e.g. fingerprints)
  • many more


It is not always in the interest of business companies to solve internal conflicts in court and, with that, in public. The proof we provide often enables our clients to solve problems with employees extrajudicially. You may count on our discretion.